Sensual kink

A sharp tug of hair and a graze of nails along hungry skin. A light caress before a firm, swift smack. A gleeful giggle as my miniature bull whip licks your back up and down. Turning up the TENS unit to coax your mouth open, and releasing a slow drip of spit into it. Hovering over your face, just close enough to give you a hint of my natural scent, while you're locked up in chastity. Pouting like a puppy dog and wagging my tail as I ask you for more. Laughter slowly turning into primal moans. Whatever your pleasure, my specialty is seamlessly incorporating elements of kink and fetish into a traditional GFE experience. And because I like to have my cake and eat it too, I enjoy switching (topping and  bottoming) for many different kinds of play.

Some of my favorite play activities include (but are not limited to):

Sensory deprivation | Tease and denial | CBT | Impact play | Bondage | Electricity play | Foot & body worship | Strap on play/toys for boys | Nipple play/torture | Suction  | Predicament scenarios | Objectification | Choking/breath play | Sensation Play | Edging/Orgasm Control

traditional companionship

Not into the whips and chains but interested in seeing me? I offer traditional "vanilla" companionship as well, and I genuinely appreciate diversity in my sessions. Kinky or not, I want to discover your innermost desires, what makes you tick and what lights your fire. I adore dates that include some time in public together- perhaps a drink or dinner before retiring to our quarters? Or maybe you'd like something more intellectually or artistically stimulating to warm us up. Below are a few ideas of trouble we might get into together:

Shopping for something enticing you'd like to see me wear (and eventually, take off). I'm an exhibitionist at heart- let me put on a show for you!
Shopping for some new toys we can try out on each other. I have a rather extensive collection but I'm always looking to add to it.
Sipping cocktails and playing footsie under the table while watching a lavish burlesque show
Going gallery (or museum) hopping, and then chatting about our favorite moments over tea



Note: there is an additional fee if you need me to arrange for an incall space. I have access to a gorgeous, well-stocked dungeon space in Midtown Manhattan for $90/hour. I can also book a hotel room, usually for around $100-150. There is no additional fee for outcall.


spark: 1 hour



ignite: 90 minutes



flame: 2 hours



smolder: 4 hours



slow burn: 14 hour overnight



Extended Dates


24 hour tryst: 6000

48 hour getaway: 9000


Travel & Fly-me-to-you

Unless otherwise noted I am available in New York City. Interested in seeing me but can't make it to New York? I'm happy to travel to your city for bookings, provided that you cover my travel expenses. Depending on how far I'm traveling, I may require a minimum appointment length and/or a small travel fee.

I'm also open and enthusiastic about traveling with you to the destination of your choice! The only thing better than a relaxing vacation or wanderlust adventure is having lovely, effervescent company to share it with.