A Few of my Favorite Things (old post)

This blog post was the first thing I posted on the blog on my old site. Everything here still applies, so I figured I'd re-post it here.

Toys, toys, toys. While I’m a firm believer that hands (and mouths, and bodies in general) are the best sex toys that we're all blessed with, toys can add new sensations, stimulations and perversions to your play repertoire. Here is a list (in a somewhat hierarchical order) of my favorite toys to have used on me, use on others, and both:

1. Hitachi cordless magic wand

Plain and simple, this is the strongest cordless vibe out there. Previously only available with a plug in cord and 2 settings (high and earth-shattering), the new rechargeable, cordless hitachi has 4 vibration intensities and many pattern settings. It has a special place in my heart, and if I could only use 1 toy for the rest of my life, this would be it.

2. Njoy plugs

I'm a big fan of doing the giving when it comes to anal play, and occasionally the receiving as well. Beyond fingers, the Njoy medium plug was the first thing I really enjoyed having in my ass. Personally, steel is my favorite material for butt toys because of the weight. You can really feel the fullness, and the small stem and handle make it comfortable for longer wear. That combined with the curve make it (or it's smaller version) a great starter plug. I've witnessed multiple people surprise themselves with how much it stretches them out, only to feel a wave of pleasure and relief once it fills up its proper space.

3. Suction clamps

Mmmm, suction. Nipple play/torture is one of my favorite things, and while I sometimes enjoy more acutely painful clamps, I find myself going to these twisting suction clamps far more often. It's such a cool thing watching nipples puff up, and they're soon sensitive to touch when you take those suckers off!

4. Bondage tape

One of the most utilitarian sex toys, bondage tape is similar to saran wrap in that it sticks to itself and not to skin, but is thicker and much easier to handle. It's great for tying up hands, feet, limbs to chairs, and can serve as a blindfold and gag in a pinch. It's also one of those toys I've found myself using around the house for non-kinky fixes.

5. Floggers

From soft-as-butter suede to coated braided leather, floggers deliver sensations that can range from stinging and whip-like to caressing and sensual to heavy and thuddy. Everyone has personal preferences, and my top two favorites are my medium, leather flogger with studs on each tail (similar to this), and my metal chain flogger (which can be seen here.) The leather one has just the right amount of "sting" from the studs, and can do some damage, but is also nice on the back and chest when used more softly. The metal flogger is sooo heavy and nice, but the individual metal links can leave welts if you're playing hard enough. Everyone has their own preferences, but floggers are  great sensual impact toys.

6. Clothespins (I'm not linking this because you can buy them at any hardware/home store)

One of the most innocuous-looking toys, clothespins can pack quite the pain punch, especially if used on sensitive areas like nipples, insides of arms, legs and abdomens. The longer they stay on, the more they tend to hurt and like clamps, they often hurt the most when coming off. 

7. Open mouth hood

Sensory deprivation? Check. Objectification? Check. Hoods and blindfolds have been a staple in my kinky toolkit for a long time because by simply removing your partner's sight, you can heighten and toy with their other sensations, such as touch, sound and smell. This nylon hood covers everything except for the mouth, which is great for anyone with a bit of an oral fixation (wink wink...)

8. Gold Leo

Some dildos are too hard. Others too soft! Some are too long, or too thick. And some are juuuuust right. The Leo by Vixen is my "just right." It's great in all sorts of places (for all sorts of people), and it's shiny and gold. What more can I say?

9. Neon wand

I'm a big fan of electro-play, and the neon wand by KinkLab is a wonderful toy for beginners who want to add a little **spark** to their scene but don't want to dive headfirst into heavier stuff like TENS play. This wand is also significantly cheaper (and less powerful, and thus, less painful) than traditional "violet wands." I wouldn't even describe the highest setting on the neon wand as particularly painful, there's a little bit of a pin prick, but the sight of the spark, and the sound it makes, is what makes you really jump and squirm.

**Safety wise, there is less risk with the neon wand than with TENS units, because the current stays near the surface of the skin. So there's less of a concern about affecting the heart, and more about the skin's surface. Basically, don't leave the wand on one spot for too long, and make sure that you and the area you're using the wand on are COMPLETELY DRY (free of body fluids, sweat, lube, etc.) Obviously, do your own safety research before jumping in, but those are the key points.

10. Vampire gloves

I'm a huge fan of sensation play, tease and denial combined with sensory deprivation. I've always liked Wartenberg pinwheels, and these gloves take that pin-prick feeling to another level. I adore tying up and blindfolding a helpless sub, and hearing them gasp as the metal "teeth" press into their skin. I like that there's the threat of real pain and torture, and all it takes is the slightest bit of pressure.

Ava D'Amore