Onlyfans update

Hi all :) I ran a poll on Twitter a little while ago asking what platform you'd prefer if I were to start making some sexier/more explicit content, onlyfans or snapchat. While snapchat won by a small margin, I've weighed the pros and cons and decided on onlyfans instead. Here's why:

1. The payment processor is built in. Many apps to send money are notoriously anti-sex work, so my options for taking snapchat payment were limited to giftrocket (which charges a fee) or amazon gift cards. And I love amazon, but I'd always prefer cash. This also makes it easier for me so you have access instantly and I don't have to verify your username to the email you sent the payment from, etc, etc.

2. Snapchat has a 10 second video limit! I'm uploading mostly videos, and most of them are around 2-3 minutes. Obviously little gifs and video clips are great, but I want to give you more for your money.

3. Onlyfans gives you the caption of my posts before you pay, and you can see how much I've uploaded so far. That way you're not blindly paying me, wondering if you'll get 3 videos or 30, and I'm pretty clear in my captions about what the content is, so you can decide if you want to see it.

4. Snapchat content disappears after a day. While this is great for girls who have a huge following who don't want their stuff distributed for free online, that's not my #1 concern, and I'd prefer if you have access to everything I've ever posted as soon as you pay.

5. I know that most people will pay once and then cancel their subscription and I get it, but for those who enjoy my content and want to continue their subscription, I'm way more comfortable with the $10/mo (I know I charge 12/mo, but onlyfans takes 20%) than $50 for lifetime access. The snapchat model means I won't be making any money after 5 months, and I would think you all wound be more willing to cough up $12 than $50 at first.

So here are some stills from videos I've uploaded so far (or have queued up). To get access to everything, visit If you were one of the handful of people who paid for my VIP gallery on my old site, please email me!! You get free access to my onlyfans (which has way naughtier stuff than my VIP did) for being patrons from the get go :)


Ava D'Amore