How to Win My Affections

Even though I have my booking form linked at both the top and bottom of my site, I still list my email in advertisements (I'm starting to rethink that), and I receive a lot of "Hey, u avail?" or "I would love to book you" emails. While I understand that a lot of clients who reach out to me are brand new to this and genuinely don't know what information I need from them, or how to go about screening and booking (and I'm totally open to newbies for the record), respect and basic human decency go a long way in working your way up to "all time favorite" client status. Actually, that's a pretty universal rule to follow in order to get what you want in life. So here are some tips on how to make your best first impression, make our correspondence what it should be: seamless, positive, and buzzing with flirtatious anticipation.

1. Never EVER use explicit or vulgar language. Compliments are fine, talking about how much you want to see and spend time with me is fine, but what happens behind closed doors needs to stay behind closed doors. Explicitly sexual language in emails puts both of us at risk and I will end our correspondence immediately.

2. The who, where, when: details, details details! If you're emailing me instead of filling out my booking form as our first correspondence, please provide as much solid info about the appointment as you can. This includes the date, time, length of appointment, incall/outcall, and any specific kink or fetish interests (again, nothing sexually explicit). It's great if you give me a little bit of background about yourself, like your experience seeing companions or with BDSM, your hometown if you're visiting, and whatever else you'd like me to know (what you do, hobbies/interests, etc.)

3. Be prepared to be screened. If you have them, I'll accept 2 references from other providers you've seen in the last year. Provide me with their emails to contact them, and their websites/ads. If you're new to this or don't have recent references, I have various methods of doing an identity verification. Why can't I just take your name and be done? Well, anyone can email me saying they're someone else, whether that name is a real person or just made up. I need something of substance to prove you are who you say you are. This is honestly to protect myself in a worst-case-scenario. If you assault me and I don't have your real name, how will I protect myself and others from you doing it again?

4. The one thing you DON'T need to describe to me in an email is what you look like. I honestly don't care a lick, and it has absolutely zero bearing on whether or not I want to see you. Probably 80% of emails I get start with "Fit, hung white guy..." and honestly it just sounds like your Tindr profile description, and a pretty generic one at that. I am open to seeing clients of all ages, races and body types, so none of these things make you more appealing. So what does make you more appealing, or make your email put a smile on my face and become my top priority?

Just follow these steps and you'll be there:

  • Read my entire website before contacting me! A lot of questions I answer are already explained on my website. (You're all the way in my blog section though, so you're totally on the right track)
  • Write in coherent sentences. I don't mind some spelling or grammar errors (we're all typing on the go), but try to make what you're saying as clear as possible.
  • Be respectful and talk to me like I'm a person. Entitlement, rudeness and belittlement are HUGE turn offs and are also major red flags.
  • Only contact me when you're ready to make a booking, or be screened for a future booking. With the exception of repeat/regular clients, I don't entertain small talk. It makes you come off as a time-waster, someone who emails companions endlessly and never actually books them. While our rates might be high, they compensate us for so much more than the time we're together, including admin work (emails, website maintenance), advertising, toys/supplies, clothes/lingerie, personal upkeep, etc. We never see any money from time wasters, so be aware that sex workers want to get "down to business" sooner rather than later. Once you book me for the first time and it goes well, I'll be more open and lenient regarding my time and emotional labor (within reason, of course). The more you spend, the more I'll spoil you.

So that's it! Go forth and see all the sex workers you've been wanting to, and be confident that you're not doing anything to make them roll their eyes or groan (in a bad way, that is).

Ava D'Amore